The new Folio wedding albums have arrived, even the boxes are beautiful. The New Folio Wedding Albums
On opening the box, the first thing you find is the TLC guide,A Little TLC this includes a small square of the fine art paper, so you can keep your album in tip top condition by not running your hands over the pages to feel the sensual nature of this luxurious paper.Soft Leather cover

Soft Leather Sliding the album from the soft cotton case the leather is super soft on the main album and you can feel the quality as your hands run along the edges of the album. Opening the book, the soft white pages

Beautiful bright colourswith bright rich colours

The lay flat pages giving panoramic imagesLay flat bindings

A quality album that will lastsilky soft black & whites

The cotton case The soft cottone case fits around your album to protect it when your not looking at it, echoing the quality

Parent Albums The parent albums are 6 inches by 6 inches
Canvas Cover The canvas covers come in a variety of colours to match your style