So, imagine my position, three and half weeks ago, on a one to one mentoring day, it was suggested I change my company name, hmm… I knew it caused at least a little confusion with suppliers and clients, I always answer the the phone Tony.. to be promptly asked … is that Anthony Bayliss Photography Yes’ Yes’.. you get the drift.

Ok, hang on one moment.. I’ve got the national wedding show in Three Weeks! It’s a challenge… but could it be done! It’s not that long since I paid for a massive overhaul on the website (7 months) but had to agree, it didn’t reflect me, it’s wasn’t who or what I am, add to this… ‘that looks to me a lot like a blood spatter to me…’ once that image is in your mind it’s kind of hard to remove it, and I knew there could be no going back (or staying where I was).

So I emailed Martin on the Wednesday… Can you help?! Can we do it in the time that we’ve got! He agreed it would be a challenge but was sure we’d make it.

So here’s where we were;

Anthony Bayliss Website

And after what seemed like an eternity, but was in fact only 3 days we received the first design…

Tony Bayliss Photography take 1

‘is that a donut’ was one comment, no, it’s a ring, hmm, I wanted to love it… I didn’t love it… I couldn’t love it…. It needs to change, so we had the conversation; ‘I do like this bit and I quite like that, the donut has to go!’

Tony Bayliss Photography take 2

OK- that’s good, I really like that and that, the screen shoot looks great… not 100% sure about that…

Friday 10th March (T-5 days on the National Wedding Show Set-up)

Tony Bayliss Photography FINAL
Tony Bayliss Photography FINAL

Wow, love it…. Oh that’s fantastic, so pleased with that. Have we got time to get this to the printers and everything back in time for Thursday! What about the website…. People will be seeing the new logo at the Wedding Show and then the Websites going to be completely different…. oh, this could be bad, I’m going to have to work late on this one

So, after two very late nights and a new website that wasn’t what I wanted still, with lots of things broken… can I change the old website to the new brand?!?!?
Tony Bayliss Photography here we come!

Ohh, that works so much better… it took a while to remove the pinks and the blood spatter, but I got ‘most of the way’ there in the end…

Tony Bayliss Photography New Website

and the show… I thought it looked fantastic and so did the brides to be!

Tony Bayliss Photography at the National Wedding Show Birmingham NEC

I still need some refinements and tweaks, but I am so much happier with the way my website looks and works now.

Please let me know what you think.